picture of me

Gabriel P. Andrade

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
University of Massachusetts

Contact Information:

Email: andrade@math.umass.edu
Office: LGRT 1235C

About Me

I'm a second year M.Sc. student in applied mathematics at UMass Amherst. My research interests are in complex adaptive systems. I particularly enjoy thinking about them in the context of unconventional computing (specifically bio-inspired and neural computing). Currently I am working with Professor Robert Kozma as a graduate research assistant in the Biologically Inspired Neural and Dynamical Systems Laboratory in the computer science department at UMass Amherst. I am also working as a graduate IT assistant in the department of mathematics & statistics at UMass Amherst. During my undergraduate studies I majored in pure math and minored in philosophy.

I'm the Co-Chair of Operations for GRiD (Graduate Researchers in Data). If you know of any awesome datasets, have any great ideas for data science related events, or are just interested in the group please don't hesitate to contact me!